Tafaro Associates specializes in a wide range of computer services. Some of the services we offer onsite diagnostics and repairs, upgrades, data migration, custom software configuration, basic networking, web site design, web site maintenance, and computer training.

Computer Setup
Buying a new pc & don’t know how to set it up?
Tafaro Associates Computer Setup will have you up and running in no time.
We will:
-Connect the New PC
– Backup your old PC & Migrate the files
– Optimize the PC
– Install the latest updates
– Create Restore Discs

Diagnostics, Repairs, and Upgrading
Is your computer not performing the way it used to? Does it constantly freeze up, and just not cooperate? Let Tafaro Associates diagnose what is wrong with your PC get it back up and running without causing you a headache. A certified computer technician can come onsite (to your business or home) and using the latest diagnostic programs, see what is wrong with your PC. If needed they can then take your computer to our shop, fix it, then hand deliver it back to you. You can also upgrade your PC at the same time. We can install any component that may help your PC run more smoothly. Diagnostic service is required to determine what your machine can handle.

Computer Training
Are you a new computer user? Do you have a system that just sits there and collects dust? Would you like to get more from your PC? If you have answered yes to any of the above questions Tafaro Associates can help. A brief interview with you and we can come up with a training program that can fit both your schedule and your budget.

Data Migration
Need information moved from an older PC to a new one? Tafaro Associates can take information from any IBM compatible machines and transfer it to another.
Custom Software Configuration
Need to install software but don’t know how ? Tafaro Associates can come onsite, or pick up your machine and install any software you have for you.

Basic Networking
If you have more than one PC in your home or office you can set up a peer to peer network. The peer to peer network will allow you to share files, printers even a single internet connection. Tafaro Associates can consult you on the best solution for your home or office.

Wireless Networking
Don’t want to run wires all over your house or office, Tafaro Associates can install  and secure a wireless network in your home or office.

Web site Design , Maintenance and SEO
Do you want to establish a web presence? As we all know the internet is a great way to get people to know you or your company. Tafaro Associates can help you get started. We can create a web site, and maintain it for you. Initial consultation is required in order to establish the type of site that you need.

List of Services:
Software Installation
General Maintenance
Virus Removal
Hard Drive Recovery
Wireless LAN Setup
Software Upgrades
Router Installation
Hardware Upgrades
Firewall Installation
Network Wiring
Network Configuration
DSL Configuration
Desktop & Laptop Repair
Disaster Recovery
Data Backup / Recovery
Data Protection
Spyware Removal
Emergency Recovery
Broadband Installation
System Restoration
And Much More!
All services are available for onsite visits.